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Taichung Ranks Second in Net In-Migration Population Among Six Municipalities in 2022: Jiushe Village and Buzi Village of Beitun District are most popular areas for in-migration

The Ministry of the Interior has released the net in-migration population data for the six municipalities in 2022. According to the statistics, Taoyuan City secured the top spot with a net in-migration population of 6,659, followed closely by Taichung City with 3,839 individuals. Tainan City, New Taipei City, Kaohsiung City and Taipei City, on the other hand, have net out-migration. The population of Taichung continues to grow stable and, among them, Beitun District has been the most in-migration area with 4,812 people moved in , turning it into the second in-migration destination in Taiwan. Director of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government Wu Shih-wei stated that the successive completion of the transportation network, public infrastructure and business facilities of Beitun District has facilitated the urban development of this area, provided excellent life functions and turned it into a hot in-migration destination with an expected growth in population to 300,000.

Based on his observation, Director Wu stated that the top five administrative districts in Taichung City for in-migration in 2022 are Beitun District (4,812 people), Nantun District (889 people), Shalu District (885 people), Qingshui District (839 people), and Wuri District (838 people). When considering the population ranked by village, the top three villages with the highest in-migration are Jiushe Village (3,481 people) and Buzi Village (2,657 people) in Beitun District, as well as Sanhe Village in Wuri District (848 people). Notably, Jiushe Village and Buzi Village have consistently been the top two in-migration villages for two consecutive years, demonstrating their remarkable popularity in terms of population influx.

Director Wu emphasized that Jiushe Village and Buzi Village, located in Beitun District, are both emerging redevelopment zones. Jiushe Village is situated within the Taichung Airport MRT Special District and Unit 12 Redevelopment Zone, while Buzi Village is located in the Buzi Zone Expropriation District. Sanhe Village, located in Wuri District, is in close proximity to the Wuri THSR Special District, which is the only district in central Taiwan that integrates THSR (Taiwan High-Speed Rail), TRA (Taiwan Railways Administration), and MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) systems. These three villages are conveniently located near Provincial Highway 74, offering easy access to the transportation network of Greater Taichung. Among them, Jiushe Village stands out due to its favorable access to both TRA and MRT, as well as the presence of businesses and investment opportunities, such as Costco. On the other hand, Buzi Village, which is characterized by dense vegetation, enjoys the benefits of its close proximity to the Dakeng Scenic Area, two shopping areas (Dongshan and Shuxiao), various public facilities, and an efficient transportation network. These advantages have attracted construction companies to initiate successive projects and enticed a growing population, indicating significant development potential in the area.

The Civil Affairs Bureau underscored the close link between population growth, social and economic development, as well as social welfare. Under the leadership of Mayor Lu Shiow-yen, the team of Taichung City Government has made tremendous efforts to promote various significant initiatives in transportation, infrastructure, water resources management, and sports, with the aim of enhancing the overall environment of Greater Taichung. One notable achievement was the launch of the Taichung Green Line in April 2021, which has gradually generated positive economic effects. The convenient transportation network has also facilitated the development of shopping areas and stimulated real estate sales along the line, attracting more people to relocate to the area while promoting local development. In the future, the City Government is committed to enhancing regional development standards and increasing the appeal for investment and residency in order to showcase the beauty of Taichung to a wider audience and attract more people to settle in the city.

  • Data update: 2023-05-26
  • Publish Date: 2023-04-19
  • Source: Civil Affairs Bureau
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