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Love, Happiness, Taichung

依戀臺中與你愛 幸福
依戀臺中與你愛 幸福
Taichung City Government held the second joint wedding themed “Love, Happiness, Taichung” at 9 o’clock, October 27th (Saturday) at the meadow of Summer Green Park; 160 couples participated in the romantic and warm joint wedding with beautiful memories. The joint wedding for Taichung citizens and public servants was popular among the newly married couples; it is said that many couples started queuing on the day before registration, making the spirit happy and warm on the site.
The theme of this wedding is romantic Mediterranean scene with unique and romantic European style; the pure white and clear blue with the green meadow signified happily married in the Aegean Sea. The theme created the most romantic memory for the newly married couples in Taichung.
The government promoted the concept of a simple wedding, earning many support and recognition from the young people. With the blessing of Mayor Hu, VIP guests, friends and families, the couples had enjoyed an unforgettable moment. On the first day of their new journey, they especially did some charity to encouraged Oncidium farmer by decorating the wedding place with 10,000 plants of oncidium; with the sponsor of Taiwan Oncidium Development Association, the atmosphere at the site was warm and harmonious.
The wedding ceremony was opened by graceful dancing and violin melody to greet each couple. Mayor Hu red out the lively and delightful marriage declaration with all the couples. The grooms were required to answer brainstorming quiz before marrying the brides. The atmosphere onsite was full of joy and love. With the blessing of all present citizens, the couples rang the bell of happiness and made 101 promises to signify their support for each other in the future.
Having good relationship with Taichung, representative from Xiamen City visited the wedding through the help of Cross-Strait Minnan Wedding, Tourism and Culture Team and conducted cultural exchange on the traditional marriage customs in the hope of promoting traditional culture. Mayor Hu expressed his welcome and wished all the couples established their family on this special day happily ever after.
  • Data update: 2018-11-06
  • Publish Date: 2012-10-31
  • Source: Civil Affairs Bureau
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