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Getting Married in Taiwan

Getting Married in Taiwan
Getting Married in Taiwan

People meet and fall in love everywhere in the world, and Taichung is no exception. Taichung now has a growing community of foreigners married to local citizens, and the issues and complications have become more widely publicised in recent years.

Many couples have some basic choices they need to make when getting married. The first is what juristiction to get married in. Some foreigners marrying locals do so in their home countries, both to assist with obtaining citizenship for the spouse in their home country and because the couple finds the marriage laws in that home country more to their liking. Others prefer to be married here in Taiwan.

Divorce laws, child custody laws, inheritance laws and taxes and citizenship requirements vary widely from country to country. Locally, divorce laws could be considered somewhat restrictive compared to most Western countries.

It is recommended that the laws of your home country be compared to the laws here locally for all aspects you may be concerned with.

Another area that deserves consideration is where to hold the ceremony - and the kind of ceremony. Some prefer the local traditional Taiwanese style wedding, others a Western style wedding. Some hold their ceremonies here, others in their home country - and many in both. Remember, the legal registration and the ceremony are not always the same thing.

See the links below for more information on the legalities of marriage in Taiwan.

Taichung District Court Notary Office
No.139, Sec. 1, Fengxing Rd., Tanzi Dist., Taichung City (04) 2539-4305 ext. 110~112

National Immigration Agency (downtown)
91, Gancheng St., Nantun District, Taichung City
TEL: 04-22549981、04-22542545、04-22541803、04-22548930
FAX: 04-22545662

National Immigration Agency (Fengyuan District)
280, Zhongshan Rd., Fengyuan District
TEL: 04-25261087、04-25269777、04-25261052、04-25263974、04-25267615
FAX: 04-25268551

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