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Continuous Implementation on New Resident Assistance

I. Assist New residents for Naturalization Exam
  In order to assist new residents to obtain R.O.C. nationality successfully, Taichung Civil Affairs Department issues “Basic Language Ability, Citizen Rights and Obligation, and Common Sense of Naturalization Exam Essentials Conducted by Taichung City Government”; according to the essential, naturalization exam should be conducted in every two months at all household registration offices.
  The department has established “Naturalization Homepage” on the website to provide mock oral exam and written exam question bank; the website also provides audio oral exam question bank. In addition, there are assistants at household registration offices to explain the answer to the question bank.
II. Provide Foreign and Chinese Spouse Consulting Window for Life Adaption
  In order to integrate service window for foreign and Chinese spouse to consult, the department had set up “Foreign and Chinese Spouse Consulting Counter” at New City Government Joint Service Center, Yangming KOint Service Center, Sea Line Service Center and Datun Service Center; the counter provides consulting inquiries about naturalization related regulations, as well as related assistance in all offices and departments, transferring service, and related activities participation.
III. Conduct Class of New Resident Living Assistance
  In order to help new residents adapt to our living environment, to establish a multi-culture society with happy families integrated with new residents, and to avoid family and society issues caused by mal-adaption, class of new resident living assistance is conducted annually for family with new residents to learn from each other, increase family harmony, help interaction with mother-in-law, and interaction with children through vigorous and colorful teaching method.
  • Data update: 2018-11-06
  • Publish Date: 2011-11-21
  • Source: Civil Affairs Bureau
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