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Over 10000 participated in Taiwan Boulevard road race: a big success

臺灣大道萬人路跑公益活動圓滿成功 胡市長:臺灣大道亮起來
臺灣大道萬人路跑公益活動圓滿成功 胡市長:臺灣大道亮起來
After changing name from Taichung Port Road to "Taiwan Boulevard", a large-scale event was held on it for the first time in the early morning of November 4th. Gathering at and starting from the Plaza of New Taichung City Hall, 10,000 participants, divided into two groups, raced from either the east or the west toward Taiwan Boulevard, part of whose lanes were closed for this event. All the participants were also requested to "check-in" by cell phone, so that Zongtai Development & Construction Co. Ltd. (總太建設) would donate NT$100,000 to Kanner Syndrome Support Group (肯納自閉症社會福利基金會). As a final program in the event, 1,000 runners were lined up in a large-scale graphics showing the Chinese characters of Taiwan Boulevard. The whole event was considered successful by many.
This road race event was kicked off at around 6:00 o’clock in the morning of November 4, when the sky was still dark. Over 10,000 people flooded into the New Taichung City Hall, causing a lot of hustle and bustle in the surrounding areas. The participants were divided into two groups, namely "Healthy Young Group" for the 22.6 km race and “LoHas Group" for a 6.8 km walk. Guided by professional fitness coaches, every participant began to warm up and got ready to go all out.
After Deputy Mayor Hsiao Chia-chi (蕭家淇), Civil Affairs Bureau Director-general Wang Qiu-dong (王秋冬), and the deity Nezha the Third Prince of Jyou-Tian Folk Drum and Arts Group (九天民俗技藝團) fired shots into the air, the "Healthy Young Group" racers in professional road-race clothing dashed out along Section 3 of Taiwan Boulevard toward Zhengying Road of Shalu District. It was really spectacular to see them forging ahead through the starting-line arches. The "LoHas Group" set off ten minutes later. The participants walked along Section 3 of Taiwan Boulevard and moved toward Wuquan Road.
As this road race event on Taiwan Boulevard attracted much attention and it was important to ensure the safety of each and every participant, parts of the lanes of Taiwan Boulevard were closed and traffic was controlled by the police. Therefore, all the participants felt quite safe and comfortable running and even appreciating the cityscape along Taiwan Boulevard.
Everyone who finished the entire race or walk was given a certificate for commemoration after he or she returned to the Plaza of New Taichung City Hall. For the "Healthy Young Group" competition, Ho Jin-ping (何盡平) won the first place in men's race by finishing the 22.6 km in 1 hour 6 minutes and 31 seconds, while You Ya-jun (游雅君) won the championship for women by 1 hour 22 minutes and 32 seconds. Participants in the 6.8 km "LoHas Group" were not ranked in any order, though.
To show love and care to the autistic patients, Mayor Jason Hu, artist Zhang Jun-ning (張鈞甯), City Councilors Liu Shi-zhou (劉士州), Hong Jia-hong (洪嘉鴻), and Xu Shui-bin (許水彬), as well as Tsai Ke-long (蔡柯隆, special assistant to Legislator Tsai Jin-long (蔡錦隆)) asked all the people at the scene to check-in by cell phone as Zongtai Development & Construction Co. Ltd. promised to donate NT$10 for each “check-in”, resulting in a total donation of NT$100,000 to the Kanner Syndrome Support Group.
Mayor Hu said that all the 10,000 participants in this road race were "early birds”, symbolic of a more healthy and better Taichung City.
Wearing professional road-race clothing in a fluorescent color and bearing a beautiful and warm smile, Zhang Jun-ning, who lives in Central District of Taichung City, attracted a legion of fans to take pictures of her crazily. She said that she was very happy to be home today and wished that everyone could help the autistic patients enthusiastically.
Meanwhile, Shaun, a British, who is well known for shooting the video "I love Taiwan" by raising both hands high in the air, led one thousand people who were creative enough to use their bodies to spell out the Chinese characters of “Taiwan Boulevard”. It was really spectacular to look down at their performance from the sky.
At the end of the event, Mayor Hu and some VIPs awarded by lucky draw three i-Pads and one high-class massage chair to four lucky guys. All of them then started the "magic ball" together, symbolizing to light up "Taiwan Boulevard”.
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  • Publish Date: 2012-11-12
  • Source: Civil Affairs Bureau
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